Bhai bhelo ji sikhism history (Part2)

                                Bhai Bhelo Sab Ton Philo Ji


     Sammat 1643 B: (No. 1583) Suddenly, one day Guru Arjan Dev ji took a Mewar horse and took the message of the Guru and reached Wahleol in the village of Faufla, but in Bahilol Dubina do not follow the orders. Could Finally, after receiving the third impression, to follow the Guru's command, he left Dubya and went to be with the Sikh Mewara to attend the Guru's presence. He had a tin colleague with him, of which one was guardian After many Dina's pilgrimage, the forearm became the face of the Guru, and with the first glimpse of vision, it changed. Sewriya lifted ves and abandoned all the rituals. Basil was dressed in costume or became the adoptor of Sikhism. The next day Bhai Sahib got the basket and ki from the house and started sweeping the sarovar

                                For some days, after consuming raas from the langar, he worked hard to earn his bread after night. Serving with Sangat put such a shade of service that went unnoticed by its physical needs The mindlessness of our own wisdom and purity has become detrimental Taking the life of the guru of his life as the goal of service became a form of service When the completion of the work of 'Ramdas Sarovar' was completed, Guru Sahib fanned the construction of the tank of the sarovar. Behalol was given a special service to cook bricks

In Dina, collecting garbage and city gas meltdown, the Khatia ray carries a heap of fuel by carrying it through the carriage, according to the furnace of the furnace, for the more bricks of the bricks, the work of the bishta began with the pulse and a boil. Whenever the front was opened, the bricks of the flame came in red and became more mature.

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iqwalsingh phaprebhaike - Baba Bhai Bahile is the religion of Sikhism from Malwa in Pehlo because he worked long time to preach Sikhism and got a lot from Guru Sahib.
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