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Hindu religious textbooks assigned Vaishyas to traditional places in husbandry and cattle- parenting, but over time they came to be coproprietors, dealers and plutocrat-lenders. Thus making it their responsibility to give food for those of advanced class, since they were of lowerclass.The Vaishyas, along with members of the Brahmin and Kshatriya varnas, claim dvija status (" doubly born", a alternate or spiritual birth) after sacrament of inauguration as in Hindutheology.Indian dealers were extensively credited for the spread of Indian culture to regions as far as southeast Asia. 

Vaishya, also spelled Vaisya, third loftiest in ritual status of the four varnas, or social classes, of Hindu India, traditionally described as commoners. Legend states that the varnas (or colours) sprang from Prajapati, a creator god — in order of status, the Brahman ( white) from his head, the Kshatriya ( red) from his arms, the Vaishya ( unheroic) from his shanks, and the Shudra ( black) from his bases. The unheroic colour associated with the Vaishyas, according to one proposition, links them with the south point of the compass. The Vaishyas were commoners, not base groups. Their part lay in productive labour, in agrarian and pastoral tasks, and in trading. Their way of life demanded study, immolation, and the paying of alms. Beforehand Good Book show that a Vaishya could and did rise indeed to the rank of Brahman, as in the case of the two sons of Nabhagarishta, mentioned in the sacred work Harivamsha. 
 The Vaishyas share with the two advanced classes, the clerkly Brahmans and the authoritative Kshatriyas, the distinction of being dvija, or “ doubly-born,” achieving their spiritual revitalization when they assume the sacred hair thread at the upanayana form. The Vaishyas are credited in history with favouring the rise of the reformist religious beliefs of Buddhism and Jainism. 

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