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Movie - Television

Cast - Kulwinder Billa,Mandy Takhar

Mandy Takhar lately uploaded the first image from the sets of Television Punjabi Movie. before the first look bill of Television Punjabi movie was released. In the bill, we can see Kulwinder Billa and Mondy Takhar in supereminent part. We can see 5 Sikh cult watching Doordarshan on an old TV. The movie is anticipated to release in 2019. 
 The film is presented by Simerjit Singh Production. The first is directed by Taj and film is produced by Pushpinder Kaur. before Mandy Thakar has streamlined the image from the set with full star and crew. lately she uploaded another picture from the sets of Television Punjabi Movie. 

Television Full Movie Download Filmywap

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Television Full Movie Download

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