Ni Mai Sass Kutani Full Movie Download


 Ni Main Sass Kutani 

Movie - Ni Main Sass Kutani 
Cast - Mehtab Virk,Gurpreet Guggi,Tanvi Naggi

Ni Main Sass Kutani Full Movie Download

Ni Main Sass Kutni is a 2020 Punjabi language Movie. The film is Ni Main Sass Kutni Produced by Mohit Banwait and Directed by Parveen Kumar. Mehtab Virk and Tanvi Nagi are play leading part in the film. Ni Main Sass Kutni is under the banner'Banwait Flicks'and will be released worldwide on 5th June 2020. 

A medical intern played by debutant Mehtab Virk falls in love withco-intern, (Tanvi Nagi). Still, his mama (Anita Devgan) is a dominating and old academy lady, who does n’t authorize of the relationship, leaving the boy to take the decision of marrying his love against his mama’s will. Still, the mama isn't one to take this rebellion kindly and goes about conniving ways to make her son-in- law’s life delicate. While the script runs this relationship play, contemporaneously it also runs the relationship of this mama with her own mama-in- law (saas), and yet another equation between an elder son-in- law (nuh) and her mama-in- law. In doing so, the script is trying to set up lineage of saas-bahu (mis) adventures and justifying reasons why a saas mistreats her bahu since she too has been through the same trip as a youthful bridegroom with her own mama-in- law. 

    The cast is repetitious, with character actors Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol, Nisha Bano, Nirmal Rishi playing out their places. But, it's remarkable to watch how these expert stars of Punjabi comedy have aced their ridiculous timing, which is impeccable. Anita Devgan, still, is the queen of this show as she leads the diatribe against her own nuh and her saas while also aggressively poking in the life of her own recently wed son, with her in- laws. The nuh being the contemporary ultramodern girl is inversely determined to crush her saas’every move and outsmart her. 

     While the title of the film is heavily women centric, the men in this drama contribute their bit to incubating the narrative by playing the misters and sons subservient to the women in their family, at least in as far as relations equations go. 

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       Freckled through the script are some social dispatches to maters-in- law about accepting their daughters-in- law as their daughters, largely delivered by the men. Though not putatively dominant, the manly actors played by Karamjit and Ghuggi are justifying the feelings of men relegated to a corner amid the instructions of their tyrannical maters and maters-in- law. 
A light imitator and good watch, that mocks the age-old saas-nuh relationship, as indicated in the Punjabi boli of gidda, Ni Main Sass Kuttni, while also championing for a change in their relationship with the ultramodern times. The music is amusing and melodious, though the narrative gets repetitious and drags a little towards the end. 

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